The Tendering Process

Oman LNG follows the competitive tendering approach, where circumstances permit, to procure required goods and services. The competitive tendering process in Oman LNG consists of the following stages.

Prequalification of Companies

Where the nature of goods or services requires prequalification, Oman LNG publishes tenders on its website and national newspapers. Companies interested in participating in any tender can download the prequalification questionnaire from Oman LNG website and submit the required information as explained in the questionnaire. The questionnaire seeks, depending on tender's nature, information on areas like commercial registration, years of experience, quality assurance, and health, safety and environment.

Preparation of Shortlisted Companies

Tenders are floated to shortlisted companies, which are either approved under Oman LNG registered companies or participated in Stage 1 and met the requirements. In some instances, one or more Oman LNG representatives may visit and interview contractors or suppliers to confirm that they have the technical capability to provide the required goods or services.

Invitation to Tender

Contractors or suppliers approved in Stage 2 will be invited to tender. It is essential that contractors and suppliers familiarize themselves with and carefully follow the instructions in the tender document. All tender documents specify the address, date and time for submitting tenders. Missing the specified deadline results in disqualification.

Evaluation of Tenders

Received tenders are evaluated by Oman LNG in two steps. Firstly, Oman LNG will examine the technical part (if any) of tenders and evaluate the adequacy of technical submissions. Secondly, Oman LNG will open, examine and evaluate the commercial part of tenders for only those that are deemed technically acceptable in the first step. Tenderers whose technical submissions have not been accepted will not have their commercial submissions opened.

Award and Announcement of Results

Contractors or suppliers, which are deemed to be technically and commercially acceptable, will be considered for award. The successful contractor or supplier will receive award notification and be requested to sign contracts or agreements documents. Unsuccessful tenderers will be notified after the award has been made. ​​

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