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Our Vision and Mission

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Our Core Values

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Our Strategic Objectives

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Gas Value Chain



At Oman LNG, we believe that our people are the bedrock of our success. We strive to employ outstanding talents, who want to make a huge contribution to the success of the company, and who are passionate about producing amazing results for our society and stakeholders.




Million USD invested in Social Investment Programme (SIP)


Million Hours Worked Without Lost-Time Injury (LTI), a Record-Breaking Achievement Which Was Reset Voluntarily in 2020




Million Metric Tonnes of LNG produced


A pioneer of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Oman, Oman LNG has an active investment portfolio which it divides among its Community Fund for projects within its host communities in areas close to its plant, its National Fund for projects spread across different regions and the Reserve Fund to ensure the sustainability of the fund in future.

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The Oman LNG plant established by the Royal Decree in 1994, nestled in the eastern part of Oman.

The plant operates three LNG trains producing a capacity of 10.4million tonnes per year.

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07 Feb 2023

Oman LNG Signs a Binding Term-sheet Agreement with China’s UNIPEC

Oman LNG has announced today the signing of a binding term-sheet agreement with China International and Chemical Co, (UNIPEC)...

30 Jan 2023

Oman LNG Signs a Binding Term-sheet Agreements with BOTAŞ

Oman LNG has announced today the signing of binding term-sheet agreements with BOTAŞ Petroleum Pipeline Corporation (BOTAS) t...

18 Jan 2023

Oman LNG Signs 2 Binding Term-sheet Agreements with PTT Global and Total Energies

Oman LNG has announced today the signing of binding term-sheet agreements with PTT Global LNG Company Limited and Total Energ...

27 Dec 2022

Oman LNG Signs 3 Binding Term-sheet Agreements with Japan

Oman LNG has announced today the signing of binding sheet agreements with three (3) Japanese firms for the delivery of LNG, s...

28 Nov 2022

Oman LNG successfully loads landmark 3,000th cargo

​Oman LNG announced today a historic milestone as it successfully loads the 3000th Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) cargo lifted f...

16 Nov 2022

Hosted by Oman LNG, In-Country Value Global Connect Event Concluded

Attesting to their its In-Country Value efforts, Oman LNG hosted the In-Country Value (ICV) Global Practitioners Connect Even...

15 Nov 2022

Oman LNG & ITHCA Group sign an MoU on the provision of Oracle ERP cloud services

Oman LNG and ITHCA Group signed a pivotal Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the provision of Oracle’s ERP Cloud services i...

15 Oct 2022

Oman LNG Sponsors Oman Science Festival 2022

​Attesting to its ever-growing commitment to support innovation and science, Oman LNG participated in Oman Science Festival 2...

25 Sep 2022

Oman LNG Finances the Establishment of Sur Public Park

As part of its efforts to preserve the environment’s unique biodiversity and transform the coastal landscape of Sur, Oman LNG...

09 Aug 2022

In Collaboration with the Ministry of Health Oman LNG Signs 2 Agreements to Enhance Health Services

​The Ministry of Health today signed two agreements with Oman Liquefied Natural Gas (Oman LNG) company’s Development Foundati...