Security Policy

It is Oman LNG’s policy to manage security risks to own and contractor personnel, property and information through a systematic process of risk identification, assessment, management, recovery and review.

To this end we are committed:

  • To work within the Omani law to identify and adopt proactive measures that protect all working for the company and its assets against identified security threats
  • To ensure strict adherence to the “Use of Force” guidelines where enforcement on or within company’s property is required
  • In emergencies, to direct its response towards the protection of human life, the environment and company assets, in that order
  • In circumstances where lives or key assets are at risk, to inform immediately the appropriate authorities
  • To protect company information from unauthorised access and to advise all who work for the company on safeguarding confidentiality in filing, storing and communicating in any form

Security Management Principles

The principles underlying the Oman LNG Security Management are:

  • Compliance with all legal requirements
  • Compliance with the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS Code)
  • Address security risks in the same manner as other critical activity in our business
  • Have response procedures in place to minimise the impact of all identified security incidents or emergencies
  • Understand and implement systems, procedures and practices which ensure the confidentiality of company information
  • Train all employees in security awareness and responsibility
  • Ensure contractors comply with the company’s security policy, procedures and practices​​​​