Strategic Objectives

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Creating Value for all our Stakeholders

In an ever-changing environment, it is imperative that we continue to satisfy our customers as a dependable supplier of LNG and NGL whilst maximising the value along our entire hydrocarbon chain. This will be achieved through further minimising energy usage, hydrocarbon losses and operating costs, as well as maximising the value creation of all our assets by seeking and exploiting logistics, conventional, and non-conventional commercial opportunities.


Engaging Effectively with our External Stakeholders

The reputation of our company and sustaining our license to operate depends on retaining the trust of customers, suppliers and contractors, and their continuing desire to do business with Oman LNG. This can never be taken for granted and will depend, ultimately, on the professionalism, integrity and fairness that all our employees demonstrate in their relationships with our stakeholders.

In equal measure, effective and engaging relationships with our community and the Omani people at large are equally important for retaining our license to operate. As we shift our efforts in this area from a Social Investment Programme to a Development Foundation, we continuously strive to increase the effectiveness and awareness of our Social Investment activities.


Managing our Business Safely, Reliably and Efficiently

The reputation of our industry and credibility of Oman LNG as a reliable and trustworthy supplier is strongly dependent upon excellence in personal safety and asset integrity, coupled to effective management of all the business processes within the company, plant reliability and dependable delivery of our products. Achieving top-quartile performance in these areas requires operational excellence, organisational effectiveness and passionate adherence to best practices.


Growing our People and our Business

After decades of successful operations and the development of a truly professional cadre of staff, our focus moves to transforming Oman LNG into a mature organisation with efficiency and professionalism at the core of all we do.

Our Business Plan seeks to ensure that we attract the best talent and offer our employees personal growth that parallels the growth in our business results in terms of optimised revenues, cost efficiency, and robust processes. We endeavour to win the trust of our stakeholders through continuous improvement.