Gas Value Chain

The LNG business begins in the natural gas fields of central Oman. This gas is piped for hundreds of kilometres, treated to remove impurities, and liquefied to make it easier to ship for distribution to homes and businesses thousands of kilometres away.

The various links on this value chain are explained here.


Gas Value Chain

Gas Value Chain

Exploration & Development

Feed gas is sourced from the Central Oman Gas Field Complex


Production facilities are operated by PDO on behalf of the Government of Oman


Feed gas is transported over a 360 kilometres long, 48-inch pipeline to the coast at Sur

Liquefaction to LNG

CO2, water and natural gas liquids are separated out, and methane is liquefied into LNG at -162°C


Transportation is done on specially insulated carriers that can carry cargoes of over 200,000 cubic metres of LNG by sea


At the customer’s destination, liquid LNG at -162°C is converted back to natural gas at atmospheric temperature

Distribution & Transport

The natural gas is piped or transported to meet power generation, commercial or domestic needs of end-users