Registration with Oman LNG

Oman LNG has joined the Oil and Gas Joint Supplier Registration System ("JSRS"). Companies interested to work with Oman LNG should be registered in JSRS. The Registration is a policy requirement of Ministry of Energy and Minerals, and all Oil and Gas Operators in Oman ("Operators") are required to use JSRS as the only approved registration database. Currently, the cut-off date – after which all Operators will cease to use their own registration databases – is under negotiation.

Once all operators agree on a cut-off date, Oman LNG registration system will, therefore, be considered expired. Please do not delay registering with JSRS as this might affect your ability to work with Oman LNG and any other Operators after the cut-off date.

To register, please contact Business Gateways International LLC on:

Or visit for further details and guidelines on how to register. ​