Employment Skills & Local Enterprise

A champion of modern and innovative methods in secondary and tertiary education, Oman LNG recognises the need for specific skills training for employment. In joint programmes with the government and non-governmental organisations, we have spearheaded training for employment in areas where shortages are most acute including vocations such as fitting and welding, pharmacists’ assistants, tailoring, etc.

We have also encouraged and supported local groups to transform local skills into successful enterprises. Examples include the fabrication of replica dhows, Omani cane sticks with silver embroidery, woven key holders from goats’ wool and embroidered bags inspired by Omani designs and patterns. Remote areas disadvantaged through lack of arable land have been given support through the introduction of sustainable projects, such as local bee-farms for honey and wax.

Traditionally, there is a unique relationship between the Bedouin and their camels. Oman LNG is proud to have funded the establishment of Oman’s first Camel Care Centre, which extends its veterinary services to horses, antelopes and livestock from surrounding areas.