To be economically active, health from an early age is a prerequisite. Oman LNG’s premiere investment in its host communities was the construction and establishment of a US$ 48 million referral hospital to provide care for the entire region. Since then, we have funded pioneering work in gene-testing laboratories in the drive to better understand and reduce hereditary illnesses, the purchase of state-of-the–art cancer treatment equipment, innovative equipment for the treatment and rehabilitation of spinal cord injuries, a regional training facility for specialist training in Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) and dental clinics for the needy, including one mobile clinic to treat the disabled.

Preventative measures are equally important in ensuring good health leading our company to pioneer the fist women-only recreational centre in Sur as a way of encouraging exercise and the pursuit of fitness in an environment that is sensitive to local traditions.


A necessary step towards economic well-being and self-sufficiency is education and we’ve has been in the forefront of championing the “Smart Classroom”, based on leading edge IT-based teaching tools, mobile IT-laboratories that go to remote schools, as well as much needed state-of-the-art laboratories with the latest technology for newly started Technical Colleges.