Our Operation

The business of Natural Gas starts with the many customers across the world that require clean, efficient energy for power generation and industrial and domestic needs.

Getting gas to customers starts with the exploration for natural gas fields across the world and developing these gas fields in preparation for production. Such raw gas is often produced with heavier hydrocarbons, water and other contaminants which are largely removed in a ‘production’ process before being piped to further processing and use.

In the past natural gas could only be delivered by pipeline. This left many potential customers without access to this very useful source of energy. In the late 1960’s, the first commercial ventures exploited the fact that liquefied natural gas occupies some 600 times less volume than it does in gaseous form to transport natural gas efficiently and economically to distant customers: so initiating the start of what became a Global business, bringing this clean and efficient fuel to many more customers. To view Gas Value Chain Click Here...