Oman LNG & ITHCA Group sign an MoU on the provision of Oracle ERP cloud services

Oman LNG and ITHCA Group signed a pivotal Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the provision of Oracle’s ERP Cloud services infrastructure for Oman LNG.
The MoU covers different aspects of the strategic partnership between Oman LNG and ITCHA Group, where it lays the foundations of establishing a cloud-based system in Oman LNG for its future needs and requirements. This will ultimately help to transform the company’s current Enterprise Management Planning (ERP) systems and infrastructure to ITHCA’s cloud concepts, which helps to enhance the information systems and ownership in the company and generate optimisation, while ensuring compliance with Oman’s data sovereignty requirements.
Commenting on this signing, Hamed Al Naamany, CEO of Oman LNG, commented: “Oman LNG continues to lead in its digital transformation journey. Having a cloud-based presence is important for any business, and partnering with ITHCA is an integral cornerstone for our digital transformation journey as it eases access to new innovation, promotes knowledge sharing, as well as supports local SME’s to continue developing cloud solutions around Oracle. This agreement is a milestone in itself, and we look forward to continuing the success of our journey."
The MoU ceremony was signed by Mr. Hamed Al Naamany – CEO of Oman LNG, and Eng. Said bin Abdullah Al Manthari, Group CEO, ITHCA.
From his end, Eng. Said Al Manthari- CEO of ITHCA Group- expressed his gratitude to the signing ceremony, where he said: “This agreement is a strategic step to both organisations, where it complements the mutual commitment towards digitalisation. ITHCA’s investment and collaboration with Oracle helps in positioning the Sultanate of Oman as a leading global name in the latest technology trends and Oracle services. Going further, this helps to deploy modern technology, paving the way towards further development and enhancements of the local skills in Information Technology.”
Oman LNG aims to enlarge the local digital ecosystem through strategic partnerships such as this collaboration with ITHCA.  Such accord supports Oman LNG to continue being a reputable supplier of LNG to the world, to remain competitive in a volatile global change through a very strong application of digital technologies. Oman LNG started digital transformation journey in 2020 with a focus on booting in-country innovation supporting Oman 2040 vision; such step attracts investments in emerging technologies which in return will improve local SMEs and foster a labor market with skilled and highly-productive manpower and digital work culture. 

Through the above offerings, ITCHA was able to gain the Ministry of Transport, Communication, and Information Technology (MoTCIT) accreditation on providing Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Platform and Cloud Software services to Oman Investment Authority’s different organisations and entities.
ITCHA group aims to lead the cloud services industry with the partnership of the leading hyperscale cloud computing services “Oracle” through enhancing the current infrastructure by introducing the first hyperscale cloud technology in Oman and providing different layers of adds-on services according to each organisation requirements.