Oman LNG Devotes OMR 4 Million for Children with Disability

Attesting to its unparalleled corporate social responsibility efforts and building on its successful strategic partnership with many public entities, Oman LNG has signed a wide-a ranging agreement with the Ministry of Social Development. The pact aims primarily to support improved care delivery to children with disability, the capabilities development of Omanis working in the field, and enhancing the capacity of associations and facilities serving children with disability.   


Details of the support, estimated at four million Omani rials (OMR 4 million), which brings new focus to disability care across the Sultanate show that Oman LNG is targeting three critical areas relating to children with disability. The agreement covers nine initiatives to ensure that such critical areas are well-addressed.


The agreement signed is aligned with Oman's 2040 vision that ensures a prosperous future for all citizens. Oman's Vision 2040 comprises a list of national priorities with citizens and the development of the country positioned at the centre of a strategic plan to ensure the Sultanate keeps pace with regional and global advancements. Two components in the twelve priorities, directly benefitting from Oman LNG's recent signing with the Ministry of Social Development, are Well-Being and Social Protection, and Education, Learning, Scientific Research and National Capabilities.


The first intervention is the capacity building of over two hundred and fifty professional therapists in diverse areas of specialisations relating to children with disability. This programme comes to support Omanisation in this field while, it enriches their capabilities and skills as well as supporting tailored capacity-building programmes for the faculty members working for the associations dealing with people with disability. Specifically, upskill training will be provided to both experienced therapists and young graduates to ensure their efficiency in delivering care to children living with physical and mental challenges.


This programme additionally supports the Job Security Fund as it offers redeployment opportunities for professionals working with children with disability, as the programme propels their skills to make them employable and ready to take this sector to new horizons.


The second area of focus entails the establishment of well-structured programmes and electronic platforms to facilitate the rehabilitation of the children ultimately aiming at their inclusion in the broader, mainstream education. This programme covers all government-run organisations and non-government organisations dealing with children with disability in the Sultanate. The programme introduces aquatic therapy in seven units, and develop an electronic platform for rehabilitation that provide online therapy sessions for children and consultation sessions for their parents. Additionally, the programme will support the Ministry of Social Development and rehabilitation centres to establish early intervention programmes and standardisation. This initiative aims to provide unified intervention standards that can be implemented and measured.


The company aims to develop structured programmes and platforms enabling the inclusion of children with disability in mainstream schooling education in an effort to strengthen their independence and integration within society.


Talal Al Awfi, Chairman of Oman LNG, commenting on this support "we are rather delighted to extend our strategic partnership with the Ministry of Social Development, and offer wider programmes that cater for many children with disability. The agreements tie-in well with Oman's 2040 Vision. This project aligns with Oman LNG's previous efforts of supporting people with disability and ultimately touching lives".


In the third field of interest, the pact aims to improve the facilities of a number of organisations and associations dealing with children with disability across various governorates, enabling them to provide better quality services.


H.E Dr. Laila Al-Najjar, Minister of Social Development, and Hamed Al Naamany, CEO of Oman LNG signed the pact.

Speaking after the signing, Hamed Al Naamany, CEO of Oman LNG said, "Today, we build on our successful partnership with the Ministry of Social Development. We are immensely grateful to our shareholders to facilitate this support. The agreements signed cover three key areas that are considered essential in providing effective care for children with disability. We work with experts in supporting a carefully designed programme to enhance the rehabilitation of the children, and then resources for the centres that cater to them for improved services. Thus, we enhance ability to contribute to our society as we all continue to enhance the social wellbeing of our fellow citizens".

The company with a long track record of socially-responsible interventions is widely regarded as a pioneer of impactful social investment programmes with examples of its initiatives across the various governorates of the Sultanate.