Ministry of Health and Oman LNG Sign 2 Agreements

Attesting to its ceaseless efforts to serve the nation and enhance organisational partnership; Oman LNG inked two agreements with the Ministry of Health. The agreement encapsulates financing two projects, aimed towards boosting medical services in the Sultanate of Oman. Such agreements reflect the company's robust commitment to support the health sector, as well as spearhead Corporate Social Responsibility in the country. The agreements address Oman LNG's ceaseless interest in achieving the Oman 2040 Vision, which involves developing the health sector in Oman and contributing to achieve its objectives.


The first agreement involves funding the provision of cancer detection devices at the Royal Hospital in Muscat. Such step helps to raise awareness on the concept of preventive medicine, allowing seamless and early diagnosis, intervention and treatment of cancer; which would ultimately reduce its severity. In addition, the agreement will improve the quality of life for patients and provide a cost-saving, simple and fast alternative to other expensive detection alternatives.


The second agreement is the purchase of Complete Blood Count (CBC) devices to supply five (5) different health centres across North Sharqiyah Governorate. These devices facilitate fast and easy detection of different diseases, allowing patients to explore preventive methods early on. Additionally, these devices help to evaluate the overall health with a focus on blood conditions. Consequently, this advocates for a healthy lifestyle and detecting any present disorders. 

From her end, HE. Dr. Fatima Al-Ajmi- Undersecretary of Ministry of Health for Administrative, Financial and Planning Affairs- said: "It gives us a great pleasure to extend our hands to Oman LNG and cooperate to serve the nation. The company is better renowned for pioneering corporate social responsibility and dedicating special attention to the health sector. Such cooperation between the private and public sector is essential to achieve the public interest's needs. Additionally, Not only are we seeking to raise awareness on preventive treatment through these agreements, but we are also aiming to encourage people to seek early detection of illnesses and adopt healthier lifestyles".


Commenting on the agreement, Dr. Amor Al Matani,CEO of Oman LNG Development Foundation, said:  "Since inception, Oman LNG has shown a great interest in supporting many development sectors through our robust social investment programme; in which the medical sectors has been always in a top priority. Thanks to our strategic partnership with the Ministry of Health, we have been successful in delivering many projects across the country. We strive to ensure the provision and introducing necessary medical equipment and tools to the health institutions. Therefore, we were extremely delighted to   collaborate with the Ministry of Health and embark on its journey towards boosting the health sector in the country".