HSSE Information And Guidance For Contractors

S. No.DocumentAccess Protocol for Contractors
1.NG-P008 Oman LNG HSE Policy.pdfAvailable at OLNG Website
2.NG-P037 Oman LNG Road Safety Policy.pdfAvailable at OLNG Website
3.NG-P023 Oman LNG Smoking Policy.pdfAvailable at OLNG Website
4.NG-P024 Oman LNG Alcohol and Drugs Policy.pdfAvailable at OLNG Website
5.NG-P041 Security Policy.pdfAvailable at OLNG Website
6.NG-P063 OLNG Contractors' HSE Management Procedure.pdfRestricted - On Request Only
7.QHSE-P201 General Safety Rules.pdfAvailable at OLNG Website
8.NG-P085 OLNG Life Saving Rules Procedure.pdfAvailable at OLNG Website
9.NG-P002 HSSE Management System Manual.pdfRestricted - On Request Only
10.QHSE-P221 Qalhat safety regulation for work under permit.pdfAvailable at OLNG Website
11.NG-P049 Procedure for QHSE Mandatory Training.pdfRestricted - On Request Only
13.NG-P005 OMAN LNG Road Safety Procedure.pdfAvailable at OLNG Website
14.QHSE-P001 OLNG HSSE HEMP Procedure.pdfRestricted - On Request Only
15.QHSE-W001 OLNG HSSE HEMP Work Instruction.pdf Restricted - On Request Only
16.QHSE-P209 Procedure for Working at Height.pdfAvailable at OLNG Website
17.QEN-P116 Procedure For Task Risk AssessmentRestricted - On Request Only
18.QOP-P109 Permit To WorkRestricted - On Request Only
19.GA-P001 Permit To Work in Non-operational AreaRestricted - On Request Only
20.QHSE-P211 Selection training and authorisation of PTW signatories.pdfRestricted - On Request Only
21.QCM-P002 The Control Of Ignition Sources In The PlantAvailable at OLNG Website
22.NG-P015 Incident Investigation and Learning Procedure.pdfRestricted - On Request Only
23.QEN-P202 Procedure For Inspection and Testing of lifting equipment.pdfAvailable at OLNG Website
24.QEN-P118 Lifting.pdfAvailable at OLNG Website
25.QHSE-P309 Procedure for Manual Handling Assessments.pdfAvailable at OLNG Website
26.QHSE-P204 TOOL BOX TALKS.pdfAvailable at OLNG Website
27.QHSE-P202 OLNG Emergency Response plan.pdfRestricted - On Request Only
28.QHSE-P308 Heat Illness Prevention Policy.pdfAvailable at OLNG Website
29.QHSE-P302 FTW procedure.pdfRestricted - On Request Only
30.NG-P036 Alcohol-Drug- Guideline.pdfAvailable at OLNG Website
31.QHSE-P306 OLNG HEALTH RISK ASSESSMENT.pdfRestricted - On Request Only
32.QHSE-P307 OLNG Hearing Conservation Procedure.pdfRestricted - On Request Only
33.QHSE-P101 Waste Management Procedure.pdfRestricted - On Request Only
34.QHSE-P102 Identification  Evaluation of Environmental Aspects Impacts.pdfRestricted - On Request Only