The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring that the business of the Company is managed in accordance with the Shareholders’ Agreement. The Board delegates some of its authority to the Chief Executive Officer for the efficient and effective management of the company. The Board of Directors meets three times each calendar year. If urgent matters arise between scheduled meetings, decisions can be taken through circular resolution of the directors. The Board of Directors comprises a maximum of fourteen non-executive members, as follows:
  • Government of the Sultanate of Oman: seven members, including the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman
  • Shell: two members
  • Other Shareholders (except Itochu Corporation): One member each
Itochu Corporation is represented at Board meetings by an Itochu nominee who has no voting rights.   


H.E.Dr.Mohammed bin Hamad Al Rumhy
Minister of Oil & Gas,
Government of Oman,Chairman of the Board of Directors of Oman LNG L.L.C.

H.E.Dr. Khalifa bin Abdullah    Al Barwani

Chief Executive Officer,National Centre for Statistics and Information.

Mr. Saif bin Hamad Al Salmani 

Director General of Planning and Project Evaluation, Ministry of Oil and Gas, Government of Oman.


Mr. Suleiman bin Salim   Al Adi

Director General of Survey and Tax Agreements, Ministry of Finance, Government of Oman 

​​Mr. Haitham Yousef Al Zadjali                               
Head of Pension, Ministry of Finance, Government of Oman

​Mr. Walid Hadi                              
Oman Shell VP and Country Chairman                                      Shell Development Oman LLC


Shunsuke Kobayashi.JPG

Mr. Kunihiko Sukaki    

Regional Head(Middle East),         Asia‐ Pacific Division,                   Natural Gas Group,                       Mitsubishi Corporation