Oman LNG LLC Principles


1. Economic

Part of our mission is to produce, market and deliver LNG safely, reliably and profitably. Sustained profitability is the key objective of our business goals and provides the resource which allows Oman LNG to meet its responsibilities to all its stakeholders. We seek long term profitability through continuing investment in meeting customer needs based on sound financial foundations.

2. Competition

Oman LNG supports free enterprise and seeks to compete fairly and ethically within the framework of applicable competition laws. We will not prevent others from competing freely with us. In the same way we encourage fair competition between our contractors and suppliers.

3. Business Integrity

We insist on Honesty, Transparency, Integrity and Fairness, in all aspects of our business and expect the same from those with whom we do business.
We will not, directly or indirectly, offer, solicit, or accept or pay bribes in any shape or form. Such practices are unacceptable in our business. Facilitation payments are also bribes.

We will exercise the utmost care to avoid putting ourselves, or the company as a whole, into a position where we may be called on to accept or repay favours that are detrimental to the company’s interests.Employees must avoid conflicts of interest between their private activities and company business. Employees have a duty to declare annually to the company any outside interests which could, either directly or indirectly, present them with a conflict of interest, or which involve them in a commercial relationship with the company.All transactions on behalf of the company must be transparent and appropriately described in the accounts of the company, in accordance with established and recognised procedures and standards, and be subject to audit. The strictest principles and best practices will be applied in maintaining the integrity of the accounting records.We shall foster and maintain an environment that encourages staff to raise their concerns about unlawful conduct, financial malpractices, misuse or abuse of company assets, through various avenues, without the fear of recrimination or persecution.