Our Employees

We will provide all employees, on whose commitment and competence the success of the company depends, with safe and healthy conditions of work and adequate and competitive conditions of service. We will develop their skills, talents and potential in a fair and transparent manner and respect their rights under the applicable laws and regulations of The Sultanate of Oman. The company will ensure that there is an open engagement with employees on matters that affect them as employees and support such engagement with responsible exchange of information. Finally, the company will pay particular attention to the recruitment, training and development of our Omani employees as articulated in the Shareholders’ Agreement.

Our Shareholders

We have a clear and important duty of care to develop and protect the investment of our shareholders in accordance with global best practices, and operate at all times in a cost effective and prudent manner.

Our Society

We will conduct our business as a good corporate neighbour and responsible citizen of the Sultanate of Oman respecting at all times the fundamental human rights and dignity of all.

We will observe all applicable Laws and Regulations. We will minimise the adverse impact of our activities on the health, safety and environment of the communities in which we operate and contribute to the sustainable development of Oman and its people.