Position TitleOccupational  Hygienist
DepartmentHealth, Safety and Environment
Location Sur
Omani / Non OmaniOnly Omanis


role Purpose

Identify, evaluate and monitor employee exposures to physical, biological, chemical and ergonomic health hazards by planning and conducting Health Risk Assessments. Provide advice on risk assessment related to health and support in application, implementation and management of appropriate occupational health management systems. Provides support and advice for maintaining the identified HSSE control frameworks for the organization


  1. Lead the Health Risk Assessment (HRA) process covering all company locations or activities
  2. Create annual exposure monitoring plan and perform monitoring for applicable areas of OLNG.
  3. Ensure Health Programs are in compliance with the company HSSE&SP Management Systems (e.g. Control Framework Health Manuals), ISO and OHSAS Standards
  4. Update existing Health Risk Assessments with new hazards and recommend about relevant changes such as toxicity classifications, exposure limits or new insights about health effects.
  5. Identifying and assessing risks to health arising from many different factors, such as chemicals, noise, biological, ergonomics and poor lighting or ventilation.
  6. Undertaking workplace surveys, incident investigations and audits to assess the health hazards, and evaluating situations in the workplace.
  7. Accurately measuring and sampling levels of exposure, often through precise use of specialist equipment;
  8. Maintaining an up-to-date knowledge base on occupational health and industrial hygiene issues within OLNG operations and maintenance.
  9. Eliminating or significantly reducing risk by facilitating organisational change and by selecting and designing relevant facilities and finding cost-effective solutions to risks to health in workplaces of all types.
  10. Recommending remedies or control methods, compiling data, report and recommend on Health risks that may affect worker productivity aiming to assist staff improve their wellbeing and avoid absenteeism.
  11. Provide guidance and inputs to line in conducting Health Risk Assessment.
  12. Inspection and audit of company canteens to maintain food hygiene standards by ensuring appropriate implementation Hazard Analysis for all Company Canteens.
  13. Review previous Health audit findings related to occupational hygienist area and identify and implement corrective actions.
  14. Develop, implement, and maintain health programs for the following: ionizing, radiation, heal illness, ergonomics, respiratory protection, hazard communication, acute toxic substances, benzene, asbestos, Man-made mineral fibers, lead, hexavalent chromium, legionella, hearing conservation, chemical protective clothing, ventilation, and indoor air quality

  15. Work with medical staff on Fitness to Work and medical surveillance based on HRAs and exposure monitoring results.


  1. The achievement of high, but practicable, standards of occupational health and industrial hygiene throughout the Site.

    2.To implement innovative ways in controlling occupational health hazards management.

Qualifications AND EXPERIENCE

Diploma in Occupational Hygiene or ABIH Certification in Comprehensive Practice or equivalent with a minimum of 5 years related experience.

Note: To apply, please send your CV in word format to olng.competencehr@gmail.com Last day of receiving applications is 3rd  March 2016. If you have any queries regarding these vacancies, please contact Competence HR on +968 2469 4629/30